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#118 / Vegan chocolate cake (gluten free) / ヴィーガン チョコレートケーキ (グルテンフリー)



















材料 (15cm丸型一台分)


* イチゴ(冷凍)100g

* メープルシロップ 大1.5

* チアシード 大1

* レモン汁 小


* ココナッツミルクの固形部分(ココナッツ缶を一晩冷蔵庫で冷やしておく) 230g

* メープルシロップ 大2

* バニラエキストラクト 小1/2

* 溶かしたチョコレート 60g



* 豆乳ヨーグルト 120cc

* ココナッツミルクの液体部分or豆乳 120cc

* 白ごま油 60cc

* メープルシロップ 60cc

* 塩 ひとつまみ


* 米粉 100g

* 片栗粉 30g

* ココアパウダー 10g

* ベーキングパウダー 小1

* 重曹 小1/2


* チョコレート 適量

* イチゴ、ブルーベリー 適量

* ミント 適量


1. (イチゴジャム)材料を鍋に入れてイチゴが柔らかくなるまで3-4分煮る。ブレンダーにかけ、冷蔵庫で冷やす。

2. (クリーム)ココナッツミルクの固形を泡立て器で泡立て、ふわっとしたらメープルシロップとバニラエキストラクトを加えて撹拌し、溶かしたチョコレートを加えて混ぜる。冷蔵庫で冷やす。

3. (スポンジ)オーブンを180度に予熱する。型にクッキングペーパーをしく。

4. ボールにWETの材料を入れて混ぜ、DRYの材料を加えて混ぜる。

5. 型に流し、180度で40分焼く。

6. (飾り用チョコレート)チョコレートを溶かし、クッキングペーパーの上にスプーンで薄く伸ばす。(ビデオ参照)冷蔵庫で冷やし固める。

7. (組み立て)スポンジを1cm厚さに切り、いちごジャムをはさみ、クリームを塗る。余ったクリームを絞り出し、果物、ミント、チョコレートを飾る。


We love hole chocolate cakes for birthdays, celebrations, and any other occasion?

My nephews love the cream-filled chocolate cakes, too.

But just because he has an allergy doesn't mean he can't eat it unless we order it specially from the store.

So here we go, this cake, which is very easy to make, delicious, vegan and gluten free.

The baking time is a bit long, but you can do the other part very quickly. Just be patient for waiting for until the cream and the cake are well chilled.

The cream is made with coconut milk.

The chocolate in the cream is dairy-free and egg-free, 80% cacao chocolate. but if you prefer a sweeter taste, try using 60% or 70%. You can also reduce the maple syrup.

The sponge cake is made with rice flour and potato starch, but you can also use wheat flour.

The rice flour version is more moist and dense.

I used a bread knife to cut the cake, but it sticks to the blade, so please try using a knife with a thin blade.

The chia seeds in the strawberry jam help the jam to firm up without having to boil it too much.

If you don't like it, you can reduce it a little.

I used organic frozen strawberries, but you can also use fresh ones.

I made it sweeter, but you can reduce the maple syrup.

So, enjoy!


"Ingredients" (15cm round cake mold)

“Strawberry jam”

* 100g strawberries

* 1.5 tbsp maple syrup

* 1 tbsp chia seeds

* 1 tsp lemon juice

”Chocolate cream”

* 230g the solid part of coconut milk (chilled in a fridge overnight)

* 2 tbsp maple syrup

* 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

* 60g melted chocolate

”Cocoa sponge cake”


* 120cc soy yogurt

* 120cc the liquid part of coconut milk or soy milk

* 60cc vegetable oil

* 60cc maple syrup

* a pinch salt


* 100g rice powder

* 30g potato starch

* 10g cocoa powder

* 1 tsp baking powder

* 1/2 tsp baking soda

“For decoration”

* some chocolate

* some berries

* some mint



1. (Strawberry Jam) Combine ingredients in a saucepan and cook for 3-4 minutes until strawberries are soft. Blend in a blender and refrigerate.

2. (Chocolate cream) Beat coconut milk solids with a whisk, when fluffy, add maple syrup and vanilla extract, blend and add melted chocolate. Refrigerate.

3. (Sponge cake) Preheat the oven at 180C. Line a mold with parchment paper.

4. Mix all WET ingredients in a medium bowl. Add DRY ingredients and mix well.

5. Pour the mixture into the mold and bake at 180C for 40 minutes.

6. (Decoration) Melt the chocolate and spread thinly with a spoon on the cooking paper. (Watch video please) Refrigerate until firm.

7. (Assembly) Cut the sponge into 1cm-thick slices, place a layer of strawberry jam between each slice, and spread with cream. Decorate with the excess cream, fruit, mint and chocolate.


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