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#125 / Vegan Marron Coffee Tiramisu / ヴィーガン マロン&コーヒーのティラミス
















材料 (6人分)


* 絹豆腐 200g(一晩水切りする)

* ココナッツクリーム(ココナツミルクの固形分)100g

* 白味噌 小1

* バニラエキストラクト 小1/2

* 栗のクリーム 60g (約大2)

* ココナツオイル 大3


* 豆乳orココナッツミルク 大3

* レモン汁 小1

* メープルシロップ 大1

* ベーキングパウダー 小1/2

* 植物油 大1.5

* 薄力粉 100cc

* インスタントコーヒー 小1


* インスタントコーヒー 大1

* メープルシロップ 大1

* 熱湯 大3

* チョコレート、マロングラッセ 適量


1. (マロンクリーム)ココナッツオイル以外の材料をブレンダーにかけてなめらかにし、ココナッツオイルを加えてさらに滑らかに攪拌する。

2. 冷蔵庫でひやしておく。

3. (コーヒーシロップ)材料を混ぜて溶かす。

4. (ビスキュイ)ボールに材料を上から順に入れ、厚さ7mm程度に伸ばし、180度に予熱したオーブンで13分焼く。

5. 焼き上がったらコーヒーシロップをすべてかけ、染み込むまでおいておく。

6. ビスキュイを器の大きさに合わせて12等分する。

7. (組み立て)器の底にビスキュイを入れ、クリームを入れ、再度ビスキュイを入れ、再度クリームを入れる。

8. 冷蔵庫でしっかり冷やす。

9. マロングラッセと削ったチョコレートを飾る。


In the winter or when canned coconut milk is refrigerated, as it depends on the additives and fat content, but it may separate and form a solid portion.

I often use this solid part of a can of coconut milk in sweet recipes, so I try to buy this type of coconut milk. Sometimes, however, the solid part is not produced. Since you don't know at the time of purchase, it's inevitable.

So this time, I made a recipe to make a delicious cream even when you encounter such a canned coconut milk.

To use it, simply refrigerate it overnight and remove as much of the cloudy part as possible, just as you would do when removing the solid part of the coconut milk.

The bottom part will be almost a clear liquid. Save that for another recipes such as pancake or soup.

Of course, if you have solids, use them.

The white part is the more concentrated fat part, so use that.

In this recipe, I used marron cream for sweetness.

There are about three types of canned marrons: marron puree, marron paste, and marron cream.

The one I use for this is marron cream.

If you buy marron puree (zero sweetness) or marron paste (little sweetness), you can adjust the sweetness with maple or sugar.

It's a delicious dessert even without biscuit.



(Marron cream)

* 200g silken tofu drained overnight

* 100g coconut cream (solid part or white part)

* 1 tsp white miso

* 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

* 60g marron cream

* 3 tbsp coconut oil


* 3-4 soy milk or coconut milk

* 1 tsp lemon juice

* 1 tbsp maple syrup

* 1.5 tbsp vegetable oil

* 100cc cake flour

* 1/2 baking powder

* 1 tsp instant coffee powder

(Coffee syrup)

* 1 tbsp instant coffee

* 1 tbsp maple syrup

* 3 tbsp hot water

* 1 tbsp hemp seeds

* some chocolate, marron glacée


1. (Marron cream) Blend all ingredients except coconut oil in a blender until smooth, add coconut oil and blend until smooth.

2. Refrigerate until ready to use.

3. (Coffee Syrup) Mix the ingredients and dissolve the coffee powder.

4. (Biscuit) Put and mix the ingredients in a bowl in order from top to bottom. Roll out to a thickness of about 7 mm on a parchment paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 13 minutes.

5. Pour the coffee syrup over the baked biscuit and set aside to soak in.

6. Divide the biscuit into 12 equal portions according to the size of the dish.(watch the video)

7. Place the biscuits in the bottom of the dish, fill with cream, place again with biscuits, fill again with cream.

8. Refregerate.

9. Decorate with marron glacée and chocolate shavings.


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