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#156 / Japanese sweets 7 “Minazuki” (Vegan & Gluten free) / 水無月(ヴィーガン&グルテンフリー)














材料(14*11.5*4.5cm 流し缶一缶分)

* 葛粉 30g

* 白玉粉 30g

* 米粉 60g

* 水 200cc

* 砂糖 35g

* インスタントコーヒー 小2

* 砂糖 35g

* 抹茶 小1

* 甘納豆 50g


1. 型にクッキングペーパーを敷き、蒸し器にお湯を沸かしておく。

2. ボールに葛粉、白玉粉、米粉を入れ、水を少しずつ足しながら、ダマのないようにゆっくりといていく。

3. 半量ずつボールに分ける。

4. 砂糖と抹茶、砂糖とコーヒーをそれぞれ混ぜ、3のボールにそれぞれ加えてダマのないようによく混ぜる。

5. それぞれ小4ずつ生地をとっておき、残りの生地をそれぞれ型の半分に流し入れ、15分蒸す。

6. 一旦型を取り出し、残しておいた生地をそれぞれ流し入れ、甘納豆を散らし、再度15分蒸す。

7. しっかり粗熱を取る。

8. 手を水で濡らして紙をはずし、ナイフも水で濡らして洗いながらカットする。


June 30 is the day to eat Japanese sweets, called “Mizunazuki” (means June in Japan).

In Kyoto, an event is held to purify the sins and impurities of the past six months and pray for good health for the remaining six months of the year. "Mizunazuki" is used for this event.

You can find this wagashi at Japanese sweets shops only in June, and it is very tasty and chewy.

Let's make it at home and eat it together to pray for good health.

Mizunazuki is traditionaly a triangular shape with azuki beans on top.

This has a meaning: azuki is said to be for exorcism, and the triangular shape represents ice to ward off the heat.

Japanese sweets (Wagashi) is truly a wonderful and proud Japanese tradition that allows us to feel the changing of the seasons and flowers, the essence of nature.

The original Mizunazuki is made with white sugar and is supposed to resemble white ice.

But this time I decided to use matcha powder and coffee flavors as they express really the nature colors.

I wanted to make two colors of Mizunashi at the same time, so I decided to use parchment paper to make a divider in the mold, but of course you can also make one color in double quantities.

Once you know how to make it, you will be able to arrange it in many different ways using many types of sugar or powder.


Ingredients (14*11.5*4.5cm mold)

* 30g arrowroot powder

* 30g glutinous rice flour

* 60g rice flour

* 200g water

* 35g sugar

* 1 tsp matcha powder

* 35g sugar

* 2 tsp instant coffee powder

* 50g sweetened adzuki beans 


1. Line a mold with cooking paper (see the video) and boil water in a steamer.

2. Put kudzu flour, white bean flour, and rice flour in a bowl, add water little by little, and mix without lumps.

3. Divide the dough into two equal portions in bowls.

4. Mix matcha powder and sugar, add into one bowl and mix well.

5. Mix coffee powder and sugar, add into the othe bowl and mix well.

6. Keep 4 teaspoons of each dough, pour the rest of each dough into a mold, and steam on high heat for 15 minutes.

7. Remove the molds from the steamer, pour the remaining dough into each dough, and sprinkle the cooked azuki beans over the doughs.

8. Return to the steamer and steam for 15 minutes.

9. Remove from heat.

10. Once cooled down, wet your hands, peel off the paper, and cut the dough while wetting a knife.


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