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#188 / Vegan Matcha Pancake / ヴィーガン 抹茶パンケーキ


vegan matcha pancake
ヴィーガン 抹茶パンケーキ















* 薄力粉 200cc (1カップ、110g)

* ベーキングパウダー 小1

* 抹茶 大1/2

* 塩 小1/8

* 豆乳 100cc (1/2カップ)

* レモン汁 小1

* 植物油 大1

* メープルシロップ 大1/3

* バニラエキストラクト 小1


* ココナッツクリーム部分 150cc

* メープルシロップ 大1

* 甘く煮た小豆 お好みで


  1. (抹茶パンケーキ)ボールに、薄力粉、ベーキングパウダー、抹茶、塩を入れて、ホイッパーでダマのないようによく混ぜる。

  2. ボールの真ん中の粉を少し脇に寄せ、豆乳を入れ、レモン汁を加えて液体だけ混ぜてトロリとさせる。

  3. 油、メープルシロップ、バニラエキストラクトを加えて液体だけを良く混ぜる。

  4. 周りに寄せた粉類を少しずつ混ぜ、粉っぽさがなくなったらすぐに混ぜるのをやめる。

  5. 油を熱したフライパンに、1枚分約60cc程度の生地を流し、両面色よく焼く。

  6. (ココナッツホイップ)冷蔵庫で冷やしておいたココナッツミルク缶から、固形部分を取り出す。(約150cc)

  7. メープルシロップを加え、ホイップする。

  8. パンケーキにココナッツホイップと小豆を添える。


I love pancakes, especially green tea pancakes.

I love all the pancakes I have made in my videos so far, such as tofu pancakes and rice flour pancakes, but this time I am going to make the royal road, fluffy but hearty vegan pancakes.

But it has to be easy and quick to make.

Usually when I make pastries, I like to weigh them.

But this time, I'm going to use a rough guide to weigh it.

Just be careful to whisk the flour mixture well so that it is aerated and not lumpy, and don't overmix with the flour mixture once all the liquid is mixed in. Prepare the pan ahead of time and cook immediately.

The pancakes themselves are very lightly sweetened, as I can't stand to eat pancakes without maple syrup or some other sweetener on them.

This time I had sweetened red beans instead of maple syrup, so I served the pancakes with red beans and coconut whip.

Have a pleasant tea time!


Ingredients (12 cm in diameter, for 4-5 pieces)

”Matcha Pancake”

* 200cc (110g) cake flour

* 1 tsp baking powder

* 1/2 tbsp matcha powder

* 1/8 tsp salt

* 100cc soy milk

* 1 tsp lemon juice

* 1 tbsp vegetable oil

* 1 tbsp maple syrup

* 1 tsp vanilla extract

”coconut whipped cream”

* 150cc coconut cream

* 1 tbsp maple syrup

* Some sweetened azuki beans


  1. (Matcha pancakes) In a bowl, combine flour, baking powder, matcha green tea, and salt, and mix well with a whipper so that no lumps remain.

  2. Move the flour in the middle of the bowl slightly to the edge of the bowl, add the soy milk and the lemon juice, mix only the liquid and let it thicken.

  3. Add the oil, maple syrup, and vanilla extract and mix only the liquid well.

  4. Then, gradually mix the flour mixture and stop mixing as soon as it is no longer powdery.

  5. Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan, pour in about 60 cc of batter per pancake and cook on both sides.

  6. (Coconut whip) Remove the solid part from the can of coconut milk that has been chilled in the refrigerator. (about 150 cc)

  7. Add maple syrup and whip.

  8. Serve pancakes with coconut whip and azuki beans.


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