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#194 / Delicious & Moist! Banana Coffee Cake (vegan & gluten free) / 絶品しっとり!バナナとコーヒーのパウンドケーキ(ヴィーガン&グルテンフリー)


vegan & gluten free banana coffee cake
ヴィーガン & グルテンフリー バナナコーヒーケーキ













材料 (中パウンド型1本分)

* バナナ 1本 (約90g)


* 豆乳大3

* メープルシロップ 大2

* 植物油 大2

* レモン汁 大1/2


* オーツ粉 100cc (約50g)

* そば粉 20g (約大2)

* アーモンドプードル 50cc (約20g)

* コーンスターチ 大1 (約8g)

* インスタントコーヒー 大2 (私は穀物コーヒー使用)

* ベーキングパウダー 小1/2

* 重曹 小1/4

* 塩 小1/8

* 飾り用バナナ 小1本


1. オーブンを180度に予熱する。型にクッキングシートを敷く。

2. 飾り用のバナナは縦半分にスライスしておく。

3. ボールにバナナを入れて潰し、WETの材料を加えてよく混ぜる。

4. ボールにザルを乗せ、DRYの材料を入れてふるい入れる。

5. 粉気がなくなるまでしっかり混ぜる。

6. 型に流し入れ、バナナを飾る。

7. 180度のオーブンで30-35分焼く。

8. しっかり粗熱が取れてからカットする。


It's such a delicious, gluten-free, vegan, moist cake that no one might not care if it's gluten-free or vegan.

You don't need any cream or anything else on top, it's enough to satisfy you by itself.

It is so moist that it almost crumbles in your hands.

It is more fluffy and crumbles easily when it is warm, so be sure to remove it from the heat before cutting.

It is delicious warm, but even if you put it in the refrigerator to cool, next day too, it is still very moist and delicious.

You don't have to weigh it on a scale, just a rough measurement will go well.

I have a 60cc measuring cup, so I use it with about 50cc in it.

For the ingredients, I used buckwheat flour because I wanted to try using less almond powder, but you can replace the buckwheat flour with almond powder.

You can also replace cornstarch with potato starch.

If your bananas are very ripe and very sweet, you can reduce the amount of maple syrup.


Ingredients (8*18*6cm cake mold)

* 1 big banana (about 90g)


* 3 tbsp soy milk

* 2 tbsp maple syrup

* 2 tbsp vegetable oil

* 1/2 tbsp lemon juice


* 100cc (50g) oat flour

* 50cc (20g) almond powder

* 2 tbsp (20g) buckwheat flour

* 1 tbsp (8g) corn starch

* 2 tbsp instant coffee powder (I use grain coffee powder)

* 1/2 tsp baking powder

* 1/4 tsp baking soda

* 1/8 tsp salt

* 1 small banana for decoration


1. Preheat oven to 180C.

2. In a medium bowl, put the big Banana and mash.

3. Add the WET ingredients and mix well.

4. Sift DRY ingredients into the bowl and combine well.

5. Pour the dough into the mold and place the small banana on top.

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

7. Let cool completely before cutting.


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