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#78 / “Vegan mabo-tofu” / “ヴィーガン 麻婆豆腐”



















* 椎茸 3個

* ニンニク 1片

* 生姜 1片

* ネギ 1本

* 絹豆腐 2丁

* ゴマ油 大2(白でも黒でもOK)


* 昆布水 (水200cc+昆布5cmを一晩冷蔵庫に入れる)

* 醤油 大3

* 味噌 大1

* 砂糖 大1

* 酒 大2


* 片栗粉 大1.5

* 水 大2

* 胡麻油 小2

* ラー油 お好みで


1. 野菜はみじん切りにする。ネギの緑の部分は最後の彩り用にとっておく。昆布水の昆布も刻む。

2. 豆腐は2cm角程度に切り、沸いた湯に入れ、再度沸いたら火を止め、ざるにあげる。

3. 合わせ調味料を混ぜる。

4. 水溶き片栗粉を混ぜる。

5. フライパンにごま油(大2)を熱し、野菜を炒める。

6. しんなりしたら合わせ調味料を加え、煮たったら豆腐を加え、煮たったら2分程度煮る。

7. 水溶き片栗粉を加えてさっと混ぜ、とろみがつくまで煮る。

8. ネギの緑の部分を加えて混ぜ、火を止め、ごま油をまわしかける。

9. お好みでラー油をかける。


Mabo tofu is one of the most favorite Chinese dishes of my husband. I learned it long time ago.

With plenty of tofu and the spicy sauce, it is so delicious.

What is different from that time is that I don't use meat and I'm even more happy that it's healthier.

Since I use silken tofu, it crumbles easily. But tofu melts in the mouth and that is so nice.

It will crumble too while mixing, but don't worry about it, it will taste nicer with small pieces.

If you want to keep the shape of tofu beautifully, use hard tofu.

Since I learned how to cut tofu with diagonal cuts, I'll do that, but of course it's OK with diced.

This time, I put kombu(kelp) and dried shiitake mushrooms in water overnight, so the color is slightly brown, and I used only kombu for this dish. But it's OK with or without dried shiitake.

I pour chili oil at the end for let it spicy.

If you want it more spicy and rich taste, use 1 tsp of doubanjiang. (Add at the beginning when fry the vegetables)


Vegan mabo-tofu (for 4 persons)


 * 3 shiitake mushrooms

 * 1 clove garlic

 * A piece of ginger

 * 1 green onion

 * 600g silken tofu

 * 2 tbsp vegetable oil

(Mixed seasoning)

 * 5cm square kombu (kelp) soaked in 200cc water overnight in a fridge

 * 3 tbsp soy sauce

 * 1 tbsp miso

 * 1 tbsp sugar

 * 2 tbsp sake (or wine)

(Starch water)

 * 1.5 tbsp potato starch

 * 2 tbsp water

 * 1 tsp sesami oil

 * Some ra-yu (chili oil) if you prefer



1. Finely chop the vegetables. Keep the green part of the green onion for decoration. Also chop kelp finely (already soaked in water overnight).

2. Cut the tofu into about 2 cm squares, put it in boiling water, turn off the heat when it boils again, and take off to a colander.

3. Mix the seasonings together, set aside.

4. Mix the potato starch and water, set aside.

5. Heat sesame oil (2 tbsp) in a frying pan and fry the vegetables until soften.

6. Add the mixed seasoning. When it's boiled, add the tofu. As it's boiled again, simmer for about 2 minutes.

7. Add the starch water, mix quickly but gently, and simmer until thickened.

8. Add the green part of the green onion, mix, turn off the heat and sprinkle with sesame oil.

9. Use chili oil if you prefer.


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