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  • 執筆者の写真Michie

#75 / “Vegan ramen Part 2, Tang Tang noodles” / “ヴィーガン ラーメン Part 2 坦々麺”










ヴィーガン 坦々麺(4人分)



* 昆布 5cm

* 干し椎茸 1個

* 切り干し大根 10g

* 水 800cc


* 高野豆腐 1個(水で戻す)

* タマネギ 小1/4 個

* 人参 3cm

* ニンニク 1片

* 生姜 1片

* 植物油 大2

* みりん 大2


* 豆乳 100cc

* ピーナッツバター 大1

* ねり胡麻 大3.5

* 醤油 大3

* 胡麻油 小2

* 塩 小1/2


* 味噌 大1

* みりん 大1

* 中華麺 4人分

* お好みの野菜(今回は、赤ピーマンといんげんのグリル)


1. 昆布、干し椎茸、切り干し大根を、800ccの水に入れ、冷蔵庫に一晩おく。

2. 1の昆布、椎茸、切り干し大根を取り出し、水気を切った高野豆腐、タマネギ、人参、ニンニク、生姜とともにフードプロセッサーでみじん切りにする。

3. 鍋に植物油を熱し、みじん切りの野菜を炒める。

4. 1の出汁とみりん(大2)を加え、沸いたら火を止め、濾す。

5. 濾した具をフライパンに入れ、肉味噌風用の調味料を加えて少し水分が飛ぶまで炒める。

6. スープには、スープ用の調味料を加えて温める。

7. 麺を茹でる。

8. スープを器に盛り、麺、具、お好みの野菜を盛りつける。


Looking at the ingredients for a moment, it may seem tedious and difficult.

But don't worry, very easy.

All the vegetable meat crumbles are finely chopped with a food processor.

Just make the soup and season the crumbles and soup.

It has a rich taste that is different from the previous soy sauce ramen.

The crumble is also delicious combined with rice.

Please enjoy ramen with various vegetables of your choice.


Vegan ramen (for 4 persons)


(vegetable broth “Dashi”)

* 5cm square kombu (kelp)

* 1 dried shiitake mushrooms

* 10g dried Japanese radish

* 800cc water

(Vegetable meat crumbles)

* 1 koya-tofu (soak in water for 15 minutes)

* 1/4 onion

* 3cm carrot

* 1 clove garlic

* A piece of ginger

* 2 tbsp vegetable oil

* 2 tbsp mirin

(seasoning for soup)

* 100cc soy milk

* 1 tbsp peanut butter (without sweetness)

* 3.5 tbsp sesami paste

* 3 tbsp soy sauce

* 2 tsp sesami oil

* 1/2 tsp salt

(Seasoning for vegetable meat crumbles)

* 1 tbsp miso

* 1 tbsp mirin

* Noodles for 4 people

* Vegetables you prefer



1. (Soup) Soak kombu, dried shiitake mushrooms and dried Japanese radish in water (800cc) overnight in a fridge to rehydrate.

2. The next day, take off the kombu, shiitake mushrooms and dried japanese radish. Chop them and onion, carrot, garlic, and ginger finely in a food processor.

3. In a deep pan, heat vegetable oil (2 tbsp) and add the chopped ingredients. Cook for 5 minutes until soften, and pour the vegetable broth and mirin (2 tbsp).

4. When boiled, remove and strain the broth.

5. Put the crumble ingredients and seasoning for crumbles and cook until all well combined.

6. Bring broth back to boil in a deep pan. Add the seasoning of soup.

7. Boil the noodles. After that, drain well.

8. Pour the soup, put the noodles on a bowl and top with vegetable meat crumbles and vegetables you prefer.


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