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YouTube recipe "japanese sweets suhama" / レシピ ”和菓子すはま”


- 簡単ミニレシピ編 -






- quick & easy mini recipe -

"Suhama" is japanese tradithional sweet made with roasted soy flour.

I made this with maple syrup and soy milk, nutritious and mild taste.

This time I used matcha powder and purple sweet potato powder, but you can arrange with cocoa powder or strawberry powder or anything you want.

Don't put too much coloring powder.

Creat with your imagination, and please enjoy.




* きな粉 50g

* 塩 少々

* メープルシロップ 40g

* 豆乳 小1

* 色粉には、抹茶と紫芋パウダー 各小1/4(生地の1/3の量に対して)


1. 材料をまとめ、硬い場合は豆乳で調整する。

2. 三等分にして色粉で色をつけ、好みの大きさにまるめる。


Japanese sweets "suhama"


* 50g kinako powder (roasted soy flour)

* a pinch of salt

* 40g maple syrup

* 1 tsp soy milk

* (for coloring)I used matcha powder, purple sweet potato powder

1/4 tsp each (for 1/3 the amount of dough)


1. Mix the all ingredients well. If it's too dry to round, you can add a bit more soy milk.

2. Divide 3 and color with matcha powder and sweet potato powder.


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