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YouTube recipe “Three gluten-free Gazpacho” / “三種のグルテンフリーガスパチョ”


















パイナップル 200g

黄パプリカ 小1個

黄プチトマト 10個

生姜 スライス1枚

クルミ 25g (一晩浸水する)

塩 小1/2

リンゴ酢 大1

豆乳 50cc

水 50cc

オリーブオイル 大2


ブルーベリー 200cc

トマト 小2個

赤タマネギ 小1/4個

生姜 スライス1枚

アーモンド 30g (一晩浸水する)

塩 小1/2

バルサミコ酢 大2

水 100cc

オリーブオイル 大2


緑のブドウ 200g

セロリ 30g

キュウリ 1/2本

ミント 大10枚

カシューナッツ 35g (一晩浸水する)

塩 小1/2

豆乳 60cc

水 60cc

オリーブオイル 大2


1. それぞれの材料をブレンダーでお好みの状態に攪拌する。

2. 冷蔵で冷やす。

3. お好みのトッピングをのせて冷たくサーブする。


One more thing we'd like you to eat before the summer ends is gazpacho, a cold soup.

Since vegetables and fruits are eaten raw, you can take them with plenty of vitamins without losing nothing.

If you've got sunburned or tired from hot summer, it's better to nourish your body and moisturize your skin.

I am sure that these soups gives you lots of nutritions and make you feel happy.

This time, for making the soups gluten-free we didn't add bread like the standard gazpacho.

Instead, I use nuts to make them creamy, rich and more nutritious.

So, if you want to skip nuts, add some bread.

The nuts we used are raw so they were soaked overnight, but if you use roasted nuts, you don't need to soak them.

However, the soup becomes more smoother if nuts are soaked.

If you want the soups much smoother, use a powerful blender. (with my blender in the video, the soup has lots of vegetable textures)


Vegan oatmeal scone (6 pieces)


(Pineapple and paprika gazpacho)

* 200g pineapple

* 1 small yellow paprika

* 10 yellow mini tomatoes

* 1 slice ginger

* 25g walnuts

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 50cc soy milk

* 50cc water

* 2tbsp olive oil

(* 1tbsp apple vinegar as your preference)

(Blueberry and tomato gazpacho)

* 200cc blueberries

* 2 small tomatoes

* 1/2 small red onion

* 1 slice ginger

* 30g almonds

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

* 100cc water

* 2tbsp olive oil

(Pineapple and paprika gazpacho)

* 200g green grapes

* 30g celery

* 1/2 cucumber

* 10 mint leaves

* 35g cashew nuts

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 60cc soy milk

* 60cc water

* 2tbsp olive oil

(* 1tbsp apple vinegar as your preference)


1. Blend each ingredients in a blender or food processor until the soup reaches your desired consistency.

2. Chill in a fridge.

3. Serve cold, topped with garnishes you prefer.


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