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#70 / “Vegan fried onion sandwich with homemade ketchup” / “タマネギカツのサンドイッチ 自家製ケチャップ添え”

















 * トマト缶 1缶(400g)

 * タマネギすりおろし 1/2個分

 * ローリエ 1枚

 * 塩 小1/2

 * リンゴ酢(米酢でも)大1

 * メープルシロップ 大2


 * タマネギ(7mm輪切り) 小2個

 * 小麦粉(私は全粒粉使用)100cc

 * 冷水 100cc

 * パン粉 200cc


 * サンドイッチ用食パン(私は6枚切り全粒食パンをスライスして使用)

 * ヴィーガンマヨネーズ

 * キュウリ(千切りして塩をふり、水気を絞る)

 * 紫キャベツのピクルス(キュウリのピクルスの作り方で) 

 * スプラウト


1. (ケチャップ)材料を鍋に入れて火にかけ、沸いたら弱火で約25分、途中かき混ぜ、煮る。

2. (タマネギカツ)小麦粉に水を加えて混ぜ、タマネギをくぐらせ、パン粉をつける。フライパンにオリーブオイルを熱し、ゆっくり両面キツネ色になるまで揚げ焼きする。

3. (サンドイッチ)パンをトーストし、マヨネーズをぬる。キュウリ、タマネギカツ、ピクルス、ケチャップ、スプラウトをのせてサンドする。


After all, the homemade additive-free seasonings are the best!

Safe, secure and delicious.

I really like my vegan mayonnaise and vegan butter, and this ketchup too!

I don't use ketchup very often, but it goes really well with fried foods.

Onions are very sweet when cook slowly.

And of course easy. This process of cutlet is also easier than normal way.

The cutlet has enough oil, so I put a lot of cucumbers in one sandwich to make it feel less oily and refreshing.

Why don't you add shredded cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, snap peas, salted carrots, whatever you like?

I add some pickled cabbage and purple cabbage sprouts, but it's okay to add more and more.

It's really delicious and voluminous.

Why not for lunch?!



”Homemade ketchup”

 * 1 tomato can (400g)

 * 1/2 grated onion

 * 1 bay leaf

 * 1/2 tsp salt

 * 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

 * 2 tbsp maple syrup

”Fried onion”

 * 2 small onions (slice to 7mm width)

 * 100cc flour (I use whole grain flour)

 * 100cc water

 * 200cc bread crumbs

”For sandwich”

 * bread for sandwich

 * vegan mayonnaise

 * cucumbers (shred and add salt, squeeze the water)

 * pickled cabbages

 * sprouts


1. (Ketchup) Put all the ingredients of ketchup in a pan and heat. When boiled, with medium heat, simmer for about 25 minutes stirring occasionally.

2. (Fried onion) Add water to the flour and mix well. Let the onions go through. Put bread crumbs on the entire surface. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and slowly fry until both sides are golden brown.

3. (Sandwich) Toast the breads and apply the mayonnaise. Sand with cucumber, fried onions, pickles, ketchup and sprout.

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