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#55 / YouTube recipe “Vegan strawberry mille crêpe” / ”ヴィーガン イチゴのミルクレープ”
















* 薄力粉 120g (約200cc)

* ベーキングパウダー 小1

* 塩 ひとつまみ

* ヨーグルトのホエイ+豆乳 230cc+α

* メープルシロップ 大2

* バニラエキストラクト 小1/2

* 植物油 大1


* 豆乳ヨーグルト400g を一晩水切りする(約1カップ取れる)

* レモン絞り汁 小1

* メープルシロップ 大3

* ココナッツオイル 100cc

* イチゴ 80g (約小6個)


1. (クリーム)材料をブレンダーにかけ、冷蔵庫で冷やす。

2. (クレープ)材料をボールに入れて混ぜる、またはブレンダーで攪拌する。(ダマができないように)ゆっくり流れる程度の固さまで豆乳で調節する。(生地ができたら寝かせたりせずにすぐに焼く。)

3. フライパンに油を薄くしいてしっかり熱し、50cc程度の生地を流して焼く。(約1分)

4. 色づいたら裏返し、同じように色づくまで焼く。(約10-15秒)

5. 残りの生地を、都度よく混ぜながら、同様に焼く。

6. 冷蔵庫で冷やす。

7. (組み立て)クレープ、クリームの順で全てを重ね、冷蔵庫で冷やす。

8. カットしてクリームが余っていれば添え、イチゴを添える。


How about spring crepes with strawberries and yogurt?

Strain the yogurt overnight. You can also use coffee filter as well. I use muslin cloth on a strainer for straining. Use the solid strained yogurt for cream and the liquid whey for crepe dough.

As making crepe dough, it is recommended to blend without soy milk at first. And then add soy milk to adjust the looseness. So it's easy to adjust.

Using soy yogurt, soy yogurt whey, or soy milk for dough for such as pancakes and crepes makes the dough moist and elastic. If you want a not elastic dough, substitute water or other vegetable milk.

This crepe is delicious as it is even without making mille crepe.

You can eat it with this strawberry cream, with vegan butter, with maple syrup or powdered sugar, or with chocolate spread or marmalade, etc...

It is recommended to eat the mille crepes on the day you make it.

The next day, the dough will absorb moisture and become more chewy.

I love this delicious strawberry cream. It is a cream full of spring happiness with a thick like fresh cream and sweet scent of strawberry.

A nice cream for many other cakes.

So enjoy please!


“Vegan crepe”


(Crêpe, I use a 20cm diameter frying pan)

* 120g (200cc) all purpose flour

* 1 tsp baking powder

* a pinch of salt

* 230cc+α Yogurt whey + soy milk

* 2 tbsp maple syrup

* 1 tbsp vegetable oil

* 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


* 400g soy yogurt (you need to strain the day before, and will get about 200cc strained yogurt)

* 1 tsp lemon juice

* 3 tbsp maple syrup

* 100cc coconut oil

* 80g (6 small) strawberries



1. (Cream) Add the yogurt to the strainer and let the hey drip out for overnight in a fridge.

2. Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Let it cool in a fridge.

3. (Crêpe) Blend all the ingredients of crepe in a blender or bowl and mix well. Add more soy milk until the batter becomes smooth and run. (With no lumps) (Bake as soon as possible without resting the dough)

4. On a nonstick frying pan well-heated, coat with a little bit of vegetable oil.

5. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter, and tip the pan to cover the entire bottom surface.

6. Cook until bottom surface of crepe begins to brown about a minutes Then flip, cook 10-15 seconds.

7. Repeat until all batter is used up. Each time mix well with a whipper. Lightly refill the pan as needed between crepes.

8. Cool all the crepes.

9. Stack crepes on top of each other, with strawberry cream between each layer. Once assembled.

10. Cut and top with some more cream and strawberries.


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