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YouTube Video “Vegan japanese dishes” / “ヴィーガン 和食”


















里芋 300g(皮をむいて一口大に切る)

出汁 200cc

しょうゆ 小2

みりん 小1

片栗粉 適量

植物油 適量

大根おろし お好みで


1. 里芋、出汁、しょうゆ、みりんを鍋に入れて火にかける。

2. 沸いたら弱火で約15分、煮汁がなくなるまで煮る。

3. 粗熱をとり、片栗粉をまぶし、フライパンにオイルを熱して里芋を焼く。

4. 大根おろしを添える。



木綿豆腐 200g

春菊 100g

しょうゆ 大1/2

みりん 大1/2

塩 ひとつまみ


1. フライパンを熱し、木綿豆腐を崩しながら、水気が飛ぶまで乾煎りする。

2. しょうゆ、みりん、塩を加え、和える。

3. 春菊はさっと茹で、水気を絞って5mm長さに切る。

4. 豆腐と春菊を和える。






出汁 400cc

しょうゆ 小1

みりん 小1

塩 小1/2

カボス(スライス) お好みで


1. 舞茸はグリルで焼く。

2. 鍋に出汁、昆布、椎茸を入れて沸かし、沸いたら昆布を取り出す。(昆布は寿司で使う)

3. アクを取り、しょうゆ、みりん、塩、舞茸を加える。

4. 器に盛り、カボスを添える。



玄米ご飯 2合分

すし酢(米酢 大3、砂糖 大2、塩 小1)

ミョウガ(千切り) 1個

シソ(千切り) 5枚

白炒りゴマ 大2

出汁に使った昆布(みじん切り) 5cm分


1. ご飯が炊けたら、合わせておいたすし酢を加えてさっと混ぜる。

2. ミョウガ、シソ、ゴマ、昆布を加えて混ぜる。


Simple and easy home-made japanese dishes.

These aren't difficult and complicated.

We want to make every dish without any hassle and time, don't we?

Originally, Japanese food rarely used animal products.

Nowadays it has changed and different diseases have increased.

Another good characteristic of Japanese food is that we frequently eat fermented foods such as miso, natto, soy sauce, and tsukemono.

This is also the reason why Japanese food is believed to be very healthy.

Perhaps it's time to go back and for us too to cook and eat simplely.

Japanese ingredients are very simple. Basically we use soy sauce, mirin, sake, miso, salt, sugar, vinegar.

Most dishes use almost the same ingredients, so once you buy them, you can make almost any Japanese dish.

And though the ingredients are mostly the same, you can enjoy the different taste of each dish with vegetables.

You may know sushi or sushi bowl is topped with fish.

But originally sushi is a Japanese preserved food consisting of cooked and vinegar rice combined with other ingredients.

This time we are introducing “Maze sushi”. Maze means mixed, so we mixed some vegetables into vinegar rice.

Maze sushi is the easiest style of sushi.

And we also used brown rice instead of white rice, so you can easily make it and get much more nutrition than normal sushi.


“Vegan Japanese dishes” (for four people)


Put 5cm square konbu and 1 dried shiitake mushroom in 700cc water overnight in a fridge.

“Taro with grated Japanese radish”


* 300g taro (peel skins and cut a bite size)

* 200cc dashi

* 2 tsp soy sauce

* 1 tsp mirin

* some potato starch

* some vegetable oil

* some Japanese radish grated


1. Put taro, dashi, soy sauce and mirin in a pan and heat.

2. When it boils, simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes until the broth is reduced.

3. Remove from heat. Take out the taro and let them cool down. Sprinkle with potato starch.

4. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the taro on each side.

5. Serve with grated radish.

“Tofu and Shungiku”


* 200g firm tofu

* 100g shungiku

* 1/2 tbsp soy sauce

* 1/2 tbsp mirin

* a pinch of salt


1. Heat a frying pan. Cook the tofu until dry and crumbled.

2. Add soy sauce, mirin and salt. Mix.

3. Boil shungiku for few minutes. Remove and squeeze out the water and cut into 5mm length.

4. Mix tofu and shungiku together.

“Maitake mushrooms soup”


* 150g maitake mushroom

* rehydrated konbu (from dash)

* rehydrated dried shiitake mushroom (from dashi)

* 1 tsp soy sauce

* 1 tsp mirin

* 1/2 tsp salt

* some sliced kabosu (citrus fruit)


1. Bake maitake mushrooms on the grill or fry in a frying pan for about 8 minutes until cooked and slightly browned.

2. Put the dashi and shiitake mushrooms in a pot and boil.

3. When it boils, take out the konbu. (Do not toss! The konbu will be used later in sushi)

4. Remove the lye and add soy sauce, mirin, salt and maitake mushrooms.

5. Serve in a bowl and add kabosu.

“Sushi with Japanese ginger and shies”


* 360cc rice


* 3 tbsp rice vinegar

* 2 tbsp sugar

* 1 tsp salt

* 1 Japanese ginger (sliced)

* 3 shiso (sliced)

* 2 tbsp white sesame seeds

* konbu from dashi (diced)


1. Mix sushi-vinegar and set aside.

2. Cook rice with the same amount of water.

3. While rice is still hot, add sushi-vinegar and mix.

4. Add Japanese ginger, shiso, sesame and konbu and mix.


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